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Green Sequin Infinitude scarf - doubled

Green Sequin Infinitude Scarf


This is the last knitting project I have finished. It was still winter around here when I cast off! I did finally pull out a 3-year old sweater project recently and start the sleeves though! That’s progress:)

This week I had to start taking one of two grad classes in counseling I need to re-take for my state license. Ugh. This one is Basic Counseling Skills…after 13 years of practicing. Ridiculous. The board wouldn’t accept my prior basic counseling courses because they felt they were “too specific to art therapy” and not general enough. Silly. Art Therapy is counseling. But they didn’t want to hear that. Anyhow. It is a lot of work. We meet two times a week for 3 hours and are expected to meet with a partner 1-2 times a week for about 2 hours. Meanwhile….I have to work, prep for my classes in the fall I teach, and take care of my daughter, husband and house! I just have to get through these 6 weeks. The second class I take probably won’t be as time consuming.

I am hoping to do some scrapping today when Ellie naps. Also thinking of getting a few friends together tomorrow night for scrapping. We shall see!

Happy Friday:)


old memories

I’ve been having fun scrapping some older photos recently. Since I almost finished baby girl’s 1st year album I decided to scrap some photos that just sit in a photo box in my closet. Happy memories, my childhood, relatives, high school…it’s been kind of nice to honor these memories. Here are a few of the pages. I’ve also been trying to use up my old (I’m talking 2-3 years old!) Cocoa Daisy kits. My hope is that I can carve out the money to have each month to re-subscribe to the kits. I used to love getting them.

Here’s my old photo layouts so far…



This first layout was from the late 70’s…so orange, olive, etc. Luckily in one of my old kits I found some perfect papers that I probably would not have used on another layout. But I like how they worked on this page.


soph yr

This layout was fun. One of the kits had these fun letter stickers that reminded me of school paper from when I was younger. I had these two pictures from sophomore year in high school. It is a pretty simple layout. I had to be creative with the title because I didn’t have all the letters I wanted to spell out “sophomore!”


Aunt Esta & Irene

This page is important to me. Aunt Esta and Irene were my great aunts. My mom’s aunts. They lived in a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood near the Boston Marathon route. My mom grew up there watching the marathon from a few blocks away….and I grew up the same. It was a yearly tradition. There are so many memories I have of them and thier house. The papers and embellishments I chose helped me to reminisce. Pearls, pink velvet, flowers, elegant & busy, …they had this textured, velvety light pink wallpaper in their hall that I still remember. They always sent me home with some sort of beautiful, gaudy, costume jewelry. I loved them and thier house. The photo shows them cooking something and my mom holding my baby sister who must have been 3 months old at the time. It was Patriot’s Day 1986 and we were there to watch the Boston Marathon.

With the events of this year’s Boston Marathon…this photo and my memories were definitely held closer.

Here’s the last layout…

me & dad...prom

me & dad…prom

This layout was actually the first one I completed using old photos. It is a picture of me getting ready for my prom and getting a picture taken with my dad. There has been a lot going on medically for him these past few years and I have always loved this picture. It made me a little sad to do this layout. Thinking about how much time has passed…and how different things were then. We both look so young. It was taken in my parent’s doorway…I just need to remember the date so I can add it to the layout…I know it was June 1995…

Thanks for looking! Hope to have some time later this weekend to do some more. I also need to order some recent photos. I haven’t had any printed since February!

Happy Friday!